Chart of Accounts Search – What’s new in Quickbooks 2018 Desktop

Quickbooks Desktop 2018 has many new features. Firstly it is searching in the Chart of Accounts. It might be a whole list of all company accounts and balance.
Quickbooks 2018 automatically creates your chart of accounts. It is supported the trade of any type of company. See Record gap balance in QuickBooks Desktop.

Chart Account Search – What’s new in QuickBooks 2018 Desktop

QuickBooks 2018 Desktop includes a current feature offers you look power half or all associate degree account name or variety.
For Accountants, bookkeepers, and Pro Advisers, the chart of Accountant is one among the foremost necessary lists in QuickBooks. Many clients set-up their Chart of Accounts mistreatment the default that QuickBooks installs once a replacement Company file is made. Typically it becomes to necessary to either add ” accountant numbers” or modification the language for accounts from people who are used- and this will be confusing.
Now we will rummage around for account victimization any portion of the account name or variety victimization the new Search box at the highest left of the chart account list.

In the previous version, there is no search bar to search account number and account name but in Intuit will add this extra feature in a chart of accounting.

To get this functionality:

  • To get this functionality:
  • Then click on Chart of Accounts
  • Search victimization in the search box at the left thigh of the Chart of Accountants List.
  • Enter the account name then enter the password.
  • Click the blue search button.

Add Associate Account:

  • Click on the chart account
  • Then click on New

Select the account type and click on Continue.

  • Enter the name and account number
  • Add a gap Balancer if applicable.

Click saveAdd Associate Account:

  • then close

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Account Types:

Understanding the chart of account isn’t complicated. The chart of account is not complicated so there is divide into six account categories used for tracking the financial activity of your business: assets, liabilities, equity, income, cost of goods sold, and expense.


Assets include something you have purchased in the past that will be used in the past that will be used in the future to generate economic benefit.


Used to track in and out of the business. This account type and the credit card account type are the only account types you can select the payment account types you can select as the payment account in the pay bills or write checks dialogue box.

Accounts Receivable

This account type requires a Customer or Customer and job name with each entry. You use already this account so you continue further instructions.

Fixed Asset:

Used to track the purchase of tangible property that will have a useful life of longer than one year. Accumulated Depreciation totals are also held in this account type as a negative fixed asset.
Other Assets: Intangible assets that have a life of more than one year, also an asset that is not a fixed asset or Current asset.


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